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The Unexpected Link Always Gets You

June 9, 2006

I keep a regular blog filled with nutritious content for all the world, or about 50 people a day, to see. Its not a large number but I am happy with my blog and treasure its readers. I feel like I am building something from the ground up, work hard, water it everyday, and see what becomes of it. I have also decided to do a "personal" blog one that I may move over to my server soon but for the time being I am using wordpress' free service.

But for now I wanted to right some of my own thoughts, that are less than "content-filled" and see what happens.

Below is a picture from mint, that shows that stats to a post I wrote about the new "Christian" game called "Left Behind: Eternal Forces." Its funny because the other day, 6/07 I got linked from a newsource that is definately a fundamentalist group. They liked my post and linked to it, and have given me a lot of hits but the funny thing is if they would have read anything else on my site they would have never prompted their readers to look visit it. But either way – thanks for the hits Paul Proctor.

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