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The End of School As We Know It – Well For the Summer

June 22, 2006

So my lovely wife, Emily, is done with school today. Yesterday was her last day of having kids around, which is always nice to get them out of the classroom for the summer.

I decided to make a little trip down to her school and surprise her with flowers yesterday on my longer-than-usual lunch break.  Because we only have one car and she works so far away, 20 miles really is a long way for LA, I haven’t been able to get out to see her school at all: something I am ashamed to say.  But when I found out she was going to carpool one last time yesterday I figured it would be a lot of fun to surprise her.

I got up at 7, after staying awake till 1am with good friend Matt Hoopes, showered off and rode my bike the 2 miles down to where she parked her car and met up with her colleague.  I drove our Mitshubishi (sp?) back to our house, the car and I both we reluctant to be out hurriedly driving around. 

At lunch I went and picked up the flowers and made it to her school all in a half-hour.  Surprising her was fun, I love to see her face light up with joy the way it did yesterday – its worth the ulcer you get from being in a hurry driving through LA.

I hung out with her checking out her classroom and meeting some of her friends for a half-hour then headed home.  I wish there was a way for me to get out there more often, that was one great thing about living in Glendale – I liked to go hang out with her and her students at the middle school were she taught.

Anyways — This put a bright spot on both our days.  Doing little extra things like this make for so much fun and help to break up the mundane work days.

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